Marketing Planning Workshop Objective: Work as a marketing team to build a robust and sustainable marketing plan to fit to your budget, timescales and resource capabilities.

Preparation: These workshops often follow the top level Strategy Workshop but can be a stand-alone meeting. Preliminary information gathering meetings with the workshop sponsor along with interviews with key people within your organisation will be held. This together with desk research and a carefully planned agenda are key to our very high success rate.

Agenda: Custom built for each client dependent on their objectives. Our marketing planning workshops are often the first of several stages in a planning process and are normally held with key sales and marketing team members in your organisation.

The agenda may include;

  • Vision of the future
  • Barriers to success
  • Understanding stakeholders
  • Competitor analysis
  • Building a customer value proposition
  • Engaging partners for success
  • Building plans for delivery
  • Measuring success
  • Managing milestones

Location: On clients site or at one of our partner locations;

Bushey Heath Farm
A simple but newly renovated well-equipped meeting room on a sustainable farm in The Peak District.

Hathersage Business Centre
A brand new conference facility in a converted farm and stable of Hathersage Hall, 20 minutes from Sheffield.

Chatsworth House
The ultimate location for any business meeting in the Peak District.

Leadout Projects is very flexible about location and we are happy to travel to suit your needs and reduce your traveling costs.

Format: Fully facilitated workshop.
Group Size: Varies but typically 4-12 people.
Duration: Typically 1-4 days plus follow up review meetings.