Leadout Projects is a small company doing big work. We have a diverse range of skills and experience from a qualified team of marketing and website professionals, who add value to your organisation where you need it. We work all around Europe with our customers.

Philip Ward is your Leadout person on Strategy and Business Planning and Pete Hawkins looks after all your Website Development and Internet Marketing. You will also have access to the specific skills of the rest of the team, from Graphic Design and Photography to Marketing Communications and Copywriting.

We design our services to fit with your needs and it’s this flexible approach that makes us successful.

How we work as a team on your Leadout Projects

How we work with you
How we work as a team

Meet our team

Philip Ward - Strategy Planning Workshops
Pete Hawkins - Web Development
Kim Wathall - Marketing and Copywriting
John Anderson - Photography
Penny Ward - Customer Services

Leadout Projects work across Europe with our clients