Design idea for today

06 02 2016

A design idea found on Pinterest and adapted by Philip for Leadout Projects. Just a bit of fun with design.

Leadout Design ideas

Your marketing department, virtually.

16 02 2015

More often than not we are now the virtual marketing team for our clients. We’ve always provided help with strategy planning and this lead to developing our digital marketing and website services 5 years ago. Recruiting the right people when you need them is always a challenge and that’s where Leadout can help.

As the economy expands and our clients develop their business we now offer a range of work as and when they need us. Imagine having an experienced marketing team who know your market and business strategy but only cost you money when they deliver value. It’s the marketing equivalent to leasing your company vehicles. Now imagine only paying for your vehicles when you are actually getting value from them and you get close to how our business works.
Customer Testimonials

You can call or email us to find out how we can help you and we can put you in touch with our  clients to hear how we have worked to develop their business plans. In the meantime you can read what clients say about us in our Customer Testimonials.

marketing support

take a moment to look at the view…

planning with Leadout Projects

17 12 2014

If you need a moment for planning  projects you need to deliver in 2015, we are ready to help.

There are plenty of projects on our schedule and many of you have already set out your strategy with us for the next 12 months but it’s always a good time of year to sit down for planning and prioritisation. We’d like to hear your ideas.

Planning for 2015

If you are not sure what planning we can help you with, follow the link to our services or just email or call us for some inspiration. Sometimes we deliver one off projects but more often we have worked as a marketing partner with our clients over many years.

The coffee is on and we are ready to listen to your plans.

More about Leadout Projects services

Late night marketing support

06 11 2014

As a small independent marketing business you have to be nimble. A few nights ago we had a call for marketing support after most people would have left the office for the day. It was from one of our client sales teams who needed us to produce some presentation material for the next morning.


If you work with us already you know we provide fast marketing support, it’s one of our strengths. Of course we are not alone in responding fast to client requests and not compromising on quality but we got to thinking why we got the phone call?

It’s a cliché which I’m not going to apologise for but the reason we got that phone call was trust.


Our client had trust that we would pick up the call. We have a 24hour 7 day service.
We trusted our client had a genuine need.
They trusted that they could leave the job with us. We know their business.

We produced the presentation slides they needed and got a quick response back:

“I like them Phil !  Thanks for the out of hours support.”

More customer testimonials of Leadout Projects can be found here.


Leadout Projects new website

18 07 2014

We have just launched our new website to the world, well, our world anyway.

Leadout Projects new website was lower down the work schedule than our clients sites but by working out of hours, if there is such a thing here, Pete has got it all up and running.

The new, simple layout will work smoothly on any browser, from your desktop to your mobile. Thanks to our customers for letting us tell you about them in case studies and to our team for the hard work, especially Kim for making Philip’s words make sense. We hope you like it. Let us know.

Phil Ward - Leadout Projects Website finished,

Website finished, desk cleared. Next.

…and for the technical amongst you:
The new Leadout Projects new website is built on WordPress 3.9.1 running a custom built Leadout 2014 responsive theme, designed by Philip Ward and developed and built by Pete Hawkins.