EUROSIS-LeadoutProject case studyClient Case Study: Eurosis Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Date :  June 2012 to present

Service: Leadout Projects provide sales development planning, multi-lingual web site development with marketing collateral.

Scale: Web site services with annual marketing support.

Project Location: London based Head Office


Eurosis has over 30 years experience in supplying the services and equipment required to host  conferences, events or meetings, including the highly specialist areas of simultaneous interpretation, electronic voting and conference microphones. They operate across Europe and beyond supplying specialist interpreters for you where you need them.



Eurosis are a long established company with a great reputation for skills and high service levels in their specialist area but their Web site did not reflect this. They did not have the skills in house to develop a marketing strategy alone and did not want to divert resourses from delivering projects to their high standards of customer service.

Solution for Eurosis:

Eurosis approached Leadout Projects to discuss how they could develop their web site. We started by working with senior managers in a workshop at their offices in London.  They used the time together to build the key messages they would need for the new web site so that clients would be able to find the right interpretation services quickly and contact the right person in Eurosis to get a proposal or advise.

Following planning meetings Leadout Projects produced a strategy plan for the web site together with a fixed price proposal to deliver it.

Leadout Projects delivered the new web site on time and on budget, working closely with the team in Eurosis to make sure all the content was accurate. The new web site was live in January 2013 and is continuously updated by both Eurosis staff, who have full access to the content management system or by Leadout Projects when they require extra resources. The website is also responsive which means it automatically detects the mobile devise a visitor is using and adapts the content to be viewed in the friendliest format.

eurosis web site development


This approach to marketing and web site development has been very successful for Eurosis and the number of customer enquiries via the web site has increased dramatically. The web site never stops being developed as new products and services are launched by Eurosis and clients can find what they need much faster than before. In July 2014 we upgraded the web site to include a Spanish language option for visitors.

Eurosis Spanish language web site

What next:

Leadout Projects continue to work with Eurosis. We manage their web site and hosting as well as providing sales training and consultancy. We understand their business, so we are able to respond to work requests within minutes and hours, not days and weeks. This enables Eurosis to work on new business ideas and supporting their existing client base to a high level of service.

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