Client Case Study: Sky High Technology Ltd

Country: United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia

Date :  April 2012 to present

Service: Leadout Projects provide marketing and brand strategy, web site and social media development with marketing collateral.

Scale: Web site services across 5 group companies with annual marketing support.

Project Location: UK based Head Office



Sky High Technology is the leading international transport survey and data specialists operating from offices throughout the UK, Ireland and Australia. They were established in 1989 and have expanded rapidly over the last 5 years, winning high profile contracts and buying businesses that strengthened their skills and capabilities in the transport survey sector.


As Sky High developed their business the Directors were aware that their marketing and specifically their Web site presence did not reflect the modern, technology based company they had built. They had limited resources in house to look at marketing development as their focus was to provide high levels of service to their growing number of customers across Europe and Australia. One option was to recruit more marketing expertise in house but this was difficult until they had a clear strategy for their brand and communications.



Sky High Technology approached Leadout Projects to discuss how they could develop their web sites. We started by working with the board of Directors and senior management in a workshop off site at The Tideswell School of Food. They used the time together to put a strategic plan together and enjoy some team building with a cookery course in the evening.

Leadout Projects produced an independent report including a strategy plan, web site analysis of SEO and branding ideas. We also produced a specification for the web site development so that Sky High could put out a tender for the long term plan.

Leadout Projects were awarded the contract to build a new  web site that would include new branding, copy writing and hosting of the web services. The new web site was live in January 2014 and is continuously developed as Sky High grow their business. We carry out all changes to the web site and work closely with the management team at Sky High Technology to develop their marketing plans and delivery of sales support material.


The approach to marketing and web site development that Sky High have adopted is reliant on a close working relationship and high levels of trust between the our two companies. Leadout Projects have invested a lot of time in understanding the transport survey and data collection industry and in return Sky High have used us on many different marketing projects on a monthly basis. By being involved in day to day business we are able to add real value to Sky High and enable them to focus on their core business of delivering high service levels to their clients.


What next:

Leadout Projects continue to work with Sky High Technology. We manage their web site and hosting as well as providing strategic marketing consultancy and fast turnaround of marketing material such as case studies and advertising.
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